Sweet Corn Chowder

Serves 6

Shallots 1/2 c.

Garlic, minced 1 T.

Corn 8 ears

Potatoes, Yukon Gold 6 ea.

Vegetable Stock 1 qt.

Nonfat Milk 1 c.

Chives, chopped 1/2 c

1. Shuck corn, reserve cobs. With the back of your knife, scrape all of the "milk" out of the cobs and save the "milk" for the soup.

2. Quarter half of the potatoes and rough chop the other half. Place the quartered potatoes in cold water, just enough to cover, and salt and cook until fork tender.

3. Combine half of the corn, the cobs, shallots, garlic, stock, milk and rough chopped potatoes in a stock pot and place on the stove.

4. Bring to a simmer and cook for 45 minutes, season with salt and white pepper

5. Remove the cobs from the soup and let the soup cool for 10 minutes. Blend the soup in a blender until smooth, in batches

6. Return puréed soup to the stove and add the rest of the corn and the cooked potatoes. And cook for 10 minutes. Adjust seasoning and serve garnished with chives.

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