Chicago creates plan to slash greenhouse gases

CHICAGO On Thursday, Mayor Daley announced the Chicago Climate Action Plan, which the city calls a roadmap for action in reducing climate change.

The plan- which includes leaders of government, business and faith-based groups- outlines specific strategies and calls upon local, regional and national governments to improve policies.

The ultimate goal is to reduce its 1990 Green House Gas emissions by 80-percent by the year 2050.

    The Strategies:
    • Energy Efficient Buildings (30-percent)
    • Retrofit commercial and industrial buildings
    • Retrofit residential buildings
    • Trade in appliances
    • Conserve water
    • Update City energy code
    • Establish new guidelines for renovations
    • Cool with trees/green roofs
    • Take easy steps
    • Clean and Renewable Energy Sources (34-percent)
    • Upgrade power plants
    • Improve power plant efficiency
    • Build renewable electricity
    • Increase distributed generation
    • Promote household renewable power
    • Improved Transportation Options (23-percent):
    • Invest more in transit
    • Expand transit incentives
    • Promote transit-oriented development
    • Make walking and biking easier
    • Car share and carpool
    • Improve fleet efficiency
    • Achieve higher fuel efficiency standards
    • Switch to cleaner fuels
    • Support intercity rail
    • Improve freight movement
    • Reduced Waste and Industrial Pollution (13-percent):
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Shift to alternative refrigerants
    • Capture storm water on-site
    • Adaptation:
    • Manage heat
    • Pursue innovative cooling
    • Protect air quality
    • Manage storm water
    • Implement Green Urban Design
    • Preserve our plants/trees
    • Engage the public
    • Engage businesses
    • Plan for the future
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