Chicago's Blue Ribbon school and teachers

CHICAGO Robert Black Magnet School is being recognized for helping disadvantaged students raise test scores and excel in the classroom.

The sign tells the story. The Robert A. Black Magnet School has been designated a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School.

"It's not unusual to find teachers here at three four, five o'clock we're off at 1:45... It's not unusual to find them here at four and five," said Yvonne Blackmon, teacher.

"It's just a great award for us and we're happy to have it but it doesn't mean we're going to stop what we're doing," said Jennifer Jacobs, teacher.

The award is given to schools with students from disadvantaged backgrounds that have shown dramatic improvement in student performance .

" We've actually worked really hard in trying to achieve great success and I believe we've accomplished it," said Dorian Rhea, 8th grade. "And I'm very proud."

"You don't really see a lot of schools getting an award like this," said Phoenix Steele, eighth-grader. "And the fact that our school is getting it is the wildest dream."

Three hundred twenty schools from across the country are receiving the no child left behind blue ribbon award given by the us department of education.

"We've put in a lot of work with our students trying to help them get good grades and now the honor is finally being bestowed on the school and I think its wonderful," said Lanita Morris, parent.

"I'm just so proud of all the students they've really worked had and they deserve it," said Linda Porter, grandparent.

"We realized early on that for children to succeed and achieve...they have to be motivated ...they have to be supported...and they have to be cheered on," said Sheila Phillips.

Principal Thomas Little will travel to Washington next month to receive the award and meet the president.

"To got to Washington and receive that this is one of the highlights of my career as an educator," said Little.

The Walter Payton Career Academy was the only other Chicago school to be selected for the award.

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