Sox lose Game 2

Cubs, Sox fans deal with losses
CHICAGO Tampa came up with timely hits Friday night. The Sox did not. So now, Chicago has two teams that must do what few have done before - win three games in a row to stay alive.

It's been a tough week for Chicago baseball fans on both sides of town. It's well chronicled that it's been 100 years since the Cubs won a world championship and just three years for the White Sox. But one more loss and it will be at least one more year for either team before they have another chance.

Marilyn Deming wore the World Series ring she won in 2005 and her favorite Sox sweatshirt, hoping the good karma will even up the series. It didn't work.

There were long faces all around at 115 Bourbon Street now that the fans face the reality that the season is now one loss away from being over. Can they come back?

"Yeah, of course, it's the Sox, it's Chicago," said Sox fan Johnetta Jackson-Crockett.

"I'm a realist. I'm not a Cubs fan that believes in pipe dreams here," said Julie Bonk.

The Sox situation is one Cubs fans can relate to. Postseason baseball in Chicago began with great optimism this week, but the city is now 0-4 and it's do or die time.

"I'm liking the Cubs' chances a little more. We got our two best pitchers going. We would, could bring it back to Wrigley and win in five. Sox? I don't know," said Cubs fan John Pasiga.

Bernard Weisberger, who wrote the book, "When Chicago Ruled Baseball," said it's a long shot.

"There's always a chance in baseball," he said. "I don't want to repeat that old Yogi-ism - it ain't over till it's over - but it ain't," said

The odds are against the teams, however. Of 54 times in baseball history that a team has lost the first two games of a best-of-five series, seven times they have indeed come back to win the next three.

Cubs fans Thursday

Cub fans streamed out of Wrigley Field Thursday night in disbelief after the team dropped Game 2 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"It was a pretty disappointing day. I am kind of mad. We don't deserve this. We have been going on 100 years long," said Justin Pokorski.

Fans were hoping the team would turn things around but the Cubs couldn't recover. They ended the game 10 to 3.

The team will now head to Los Angeles -- one loss away from elimination.

Disappointed fans say they will ride out the Cubs' postseason run, reluctant to admit that the team's World Series hopes may be coming to an end.

"It was a horrible game. We will see what happens in LA tonight," said Dean Karamaniloas, Cubs fan.

"It's not a good day. But we have got a chance. Still got two more. Might get it back here for game five," said Jeremy Morganegg, Cubs fan.

"I believe they can pull it off if they really would like to, you know, but they need to pick up their bat," said Michael Johnson, Cubs fan.

"I really think they just need to get their minds right, and they can win it. They can get back into the groove. So hopefully win the next game," said Rachael Quillen, Cubs fan.

But others are talking about the familiar feeling of doom that has plagued the Cubs for the last century.

"It is not over yet but I have to tell you one thing my dad has told me, don't get your hopes up because you will get disappointed. We grow up right down the street here. It's hard," said Kim Simon.

Last night's 10-3 loss not only stung the pride of the team and Cubs' faithful but also dampened the quest for anything Cubbie blue. T-shirts and memorabilia that were once in high demand now just sit on the shelves at sports world.

"Our website was going off the wall. We were shipping stuff all over the country. People were coming in like they needed this like it was the cure for a disease," said Earl Shaevitz, Owner, Sportsworld.

South Siders are also sharing some disappointment after the White Sox dropped Game 1 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox took an early three-one lead. But the rays rallied to take the lead. The Rays won 6 to 4.

"It's the Cubs game all over again. The Sox just didn't have it together. And it's kind of a shame that I thought was the momentum going in they would have it together. But oh, well," said Sox fan George Lowe.

"They started out really well, but things kind of got out of control, facing a young Devil Rays team who try to swing at every pitch. It's hard to get these guys out," said Chris Chacon, Sox fan.

At Jimbo's, a Bridgeport watering hole near U.S. Cellular Field, the regulars figured there isn't a better place to watch an away game.

"It's going to be hot like the Rockies were and the Cardinals were of years past and win the World Series," said Vince Brandys.

"I was born and raised in Bridgeport, two-and-a-half miles from the park, and my last name is North, so my allegiance will be with the Cubs," said one South Side Cubs fan. "There's a lot of Cubs fans, believe it or not, in Bridgeport."

Sox play Game 2 Friday night in Florida.

The Cubs play Game 3 in LA Saturday.

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