Chicagoans' mixed response to VP debate

CHICAGO National polls seem to give the edge to Joe Biden. If they took a poll in downtown Chicago Friday, it would probably be pretty lopsided. After all, this is Barack Obama's hometown. But beyond that fact, it seems what Joe Biden had to say and how he said it registered more with voters in Chicago than did Governor Palin.

"Well, I think beyond a shadow of a doubt Biden did better," said Pattie Miller.

"Joe Biden, I think he was just more prepared," said another Chicagoan.

"I think Joe Biden did a lot better last night," said another.

It's not unanimous...

But finding someone on the streets of Chicago Friday morning who thinks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin won Thursday night's debate versus Democratic Senator Joe Biden isn't easy.

"She actually talked about some issues, where I thought Biden tried to align her to McCain and Bush. They kept coming back to Bush, and I don't think Biden stood up on the issues, which I was very disappointed in," said Tim Kalina.

"She actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about...which in previous interviews, the Katie Couric interview, she seemed almost dumbfounded by the question. So I think Biden came out on top, but Palin held herself together," said Mike Thorne.

Many Chicagoans say expectations were so low for Governor Palin, that by not making a major blunder, she did better than they thought she would.

But not well enough for most ABC7 spoke with to change their minds in Barack Obama's backyard.

"I would say she did hold her own, but feel like so many of the answers are scripted and it's what you're supposed to say versus maybe what you have already experienced or know," said Samantha Dinkel.

"He's clearly--I don't want to be mean, but more intelligent. He knows the issues better," said Sarah Graham.

"I think she did really good. They both did, but she came off great I thought," said Bob Bennett.

It's certainly not a scientific survey, but ABC7 spoke to about a dozen voters Friday morning, and out of that group, only two gave the edge to Governor Palin. Nearly everyone said they find her charming and likeable, but when it comes to being prepared for the job of vice president, most felt it was no contest -- Joe Biden was the clear winner in that regard.

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