Chicago wrestler lives Olympic dream

CHICAGO Twenty-three-year-old Olympian Larry Langowski, a Northwestern University graduate from Logan Square, participated in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, representing Mexico in freestyle wrestling. He was eliminated in his first qualified match with an Iranian wrestler. He is proud of the fact that he was able to compete in the Olympics in China.

"Making it down there was a huge part of just anybody's dream, being down there in the opening ceremony," said Mendoza.

Langowski, a Gordon Tech graduate and the product of a Polish father and a Mexican mother, was able to represent Mexico in the Olympics because of his dual citizenship.

"This is like our dream come true. I never expected that he was going to the Olympics, and actually, that's a great compliment, a great -- satisfied that my son did something for my country," said Maria Langowski, mother.

"To go to the most prestigious wrestling tournament in the world as a wrestler, that's everyone's goal, and he did it," said Larry Langowski, Sr., father.

Langowski qualified for the Olympics when he wrestled in Rio in 2007, in the Pan American Games, winning a bronze star. He has traveled the world competing.

Three months ago, Langowski and his mother opened an Italian gelato and ice cream shop, the Heavenly Cafe in Logan Square.

Business owner and Olympian, he says this is only the beginning, because there's so much more that he wants to accomplish, and he intends to keep competing.

"I'd love to continue training, make it to London and hopefully be a competitor for a medal then, I think. My options are only going to get better if I continue pursuing it," said Langowski

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