Gas prices drop 60 cents in one month

Prices are down more than 60 cents in some areas over the past month.

In Illinois, the average price is down to $3.37 cents a gallon. It was $3.98 a month ago.

It's higher in Chicago at $3.56, but that's still a drop from $4.12 last month.

In Glendale Heights at the intersection of North Avenue and Route 53, gas was $3.35 a gallon Monday night, which is pretty good but not the lowest in the area. East in Lombard, the price edges up a couple cents to $3.37, although it's still not quite as low as some would like it.

"We're going down a little bit," said motorist David Nash. "It's not $2.50."

The price continues to rise in Villa Park to $3.39 and in Elmhurst to $3.43. But overall pump prices around the state are down 63 cents from this time last month. But the price per barrel of oil is down even more, leading to some skepticism.

"If the price of oil, the barrel goes up, we usually see immediate change at the pumps, which is very frustrating. Then if you see the price of oil go down, you don't tend to see the price go down immediately," said motorist Scott Radke.

A spokesman for Triple A says the per-barrel price is just one of several factors.

"You've also seen the refineries are pumping out the winter blend instead of the summer blend which costs them a few cents less," said Nick Jarmusz, AAA spokesperson.

Prices rise heading east in the suburbs. That's why Frank Cicero said he tries to fill up his truck as far away from downtown Chicago as he can.

"Without a doubt, why pay the city taxes when you don't have to?" he said.

At one station in Oak Park, they advertise no city taxes. And the price is pretty good too. But it jumps up to $3.99 a gallon at North and Kostner. And at North and Elston, it's back up over $4. Farthest east on North Avenue it's also the most expensive at $4.19 a gallon. But that's still less than a week ago.

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