Which costumes are the most popular?

CHICAGO There are thousands of choices out there from ghosts and skeletons to movie characters to politicians. What's the most popular costume this year?

Fantasy Headquarters on the Northwest Side opened 40 years ago as a small wig shop. Now it is the largest single costume shop in the country. They have over one million items in their store on Milwaukee Avenue and in their warehouses. It appears to be one business the economy is not hitting. Starting this Friday, they will be open 24 hours a day for one whole week.

"When the economy is bad people like to have fun. They don't go on vacation they have parties. Halloween is the perfect time to have parties," said Chuck Giovenco, Mgr. Fantasy Headquarters.

They have more than 600 costumes for kids here. But Halloween isn't just about kids these days. More and more it's about adults. Every year when there are big super-hero-movie, smash hits, those characters become very popular at Halloween. This year Indiana Jones and, of course, Batman. But surprisingly Batman himself is not the biggest seller.

"No, actually, it's the Joker and his cohorts the robbers. They had seven different masks when they opened up the scene and robbed a bank," said Giovenco.

Movie bad guys and monstrous monsters—and, of course, politicians. But the two most famous politicians of all are not hot items.

"Very little Obama and McCain but a lot of Sarah Palin," said Giovenco.

How much does it cost to be transformed into Palin?

"Ah, roughly about $70. That's for the wig, glasses and a little accessory prop ... a shotgun."

Is it popular with male customers?

"Ah, they might have but they haven't told us that they were," said Giovenco.

Giovenco said there is no Joe Biden mask.

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