Feds put price tags on mob murder victims

Joey the Clown claims he's deaf, wants restitution hearing
More than 1,000 gruesome, gangland murders the past 90-years prove that.

But for the first time, federal prosecutors in Chicago have put a dollar amount on the lives of ten people who were murdered by the Mob.

Nearly $4 million.

That is the amount of restitution that federal authorities want convicted mobsters to pay to the relatives of their victims. The Mob figures are to be sentenced in December in Operation Family Secrets, a landmark organized crime case. They were convicted last year, in a case officially known as United States of America vs. Frank Calabrese, Sr.

"The government therefore asks this Court to hold defendants Calabrese Sr., James Marcello, Joseph Lombardo, Paul Schiro, and Anthony Doyle jointly and severally liable for restitution in the amount of $3,909,166.30."

According to a motion filed in U.S. District Court, federal prosecutors set the amount of "restitution awarded for lost income based on reasonable assumptions that murder victim would work 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year until age 65 at state minimum wage and receive two percent increase per year."

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During the months-long trial, Frank "the Breeze" Calabrese Sr. was found to have participated in the murder of Michael Albergo, William Dauber, Charlotte Dauber, Michael Cagnoni, Richard Ortiz, Arthur Morawski and John Fecarotta.

Co-defendant James "Little Jimmy" Marcello was found to have participated in the murders of Anthony Spilotro and his brother Michael. The Spilotro brothers had been beaten and were found buried in an Indiana cornfield.

Joseph "Joey the Clown" Lombardo was found to have participated in the murder of Daniel Seifert.

According to government estimates, Lombardo's restitution for the Seifert murder should be than $475,000 - nearly the highest amount set by officials because Seifert had decades of earnings ahead of him.

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But Lombardo is now challenging the restitution, claiming that he was not properly informed of the procedure more than a year ago after a jury convicted him and the others.

In a motion filed with the federal court last week, Lombardo maintains that he has bad ears and didn't hear his lawyer tell the judge they would waive a forfeiture hearing in front of a jury. Lombardo is now demanding that a jury be impaneled to hear forfeiture evidence.

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The government has responded that Lombardo isn't entitled to a jury hearing, regardless of whether his hearing is shot or he didn't understand what happened in court a year ago.

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Aug. 1970
Outfit enforcer Michael "Hambone" Albergo was killed after being charged in a loan-shark scheme. Mobsters thought Albergo was about to talk because he had been subpoenaed to testify in a juice loan case.

Sept. 27, 1974
Daniel Seifert was hunted down inside outside his Bensenville plastics factory and murdered. He too was set to testify against mobsters.

June 24, 1976
Paul Haggerty was murdered in Chicago.

March 15, 1977
Henry Cosentino was murdered in Chicago.

January 16, 1978
Mob burglar John Mendell was murdered in Chicago after leading a crew that robbed the home of Godfather Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo.

January 31, 1978
Donald Renno and Vincent Moretti was murdered in Cicero.

July 2, 1980
Mob enforcer Billy Dauber and his wife, Charlotte, were shotgunned in a highway ambush as they drove from a Will County court appearance. Dauber was cooperating with the feds.

December 30, 1980
Mob hitman William "Butch" Petrocelli was killed and his face cooked with a blow torch.

June 24, 1981
Truck company boss Michael Cagnoni was blown up and killed by a remote controlled bomb in his car on a ramp to the Tri-State Tollway in suburban Hinsdale. Cagnoni had refused to pay off the Outfit.

September 13, 1981
In Chicago Heights, mob toughs were beating Nicholas D'Andrea for information about the shooting of an Outfit boss. D'Andrea's attackers got carried away and he died during the beating.

April 24, 1982
As Nicholas Sarillo Sr. was driving along on a road in Wauconda, his van blew up. Sarillo survived. Frank Calabrese Sr. and James Marcello were accused of his attempted murder.

July 23, 1983
Richard Ortiz was killed in Cicero because top hoodlums thought he was dealing drugs. His associate Arthur Morawski was also killed just because he was there.

June 6, 1986
Emil Vaci was murdered by Chicago hoods in Phoenix, Ariz.

June 14. 1986
Outfit Las Vegas boss Anthony Spilotro and his brother Michael were beaten and strangled. They were driven to northwest Indiana, their bodies buried in a cornfield.

Sept. 14, 1986
John Fecarotta was killed outside a W. Belmont Ave. bingo hall. The hitman was Nick Calabrese, who flipped and became a primary witness in Operation Family Secrets and testified against his brother Frank "The Breeze."

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