Poll: Gov's approval rating 13 percent

Survey says 10 percent want Blagojevich re-elected
CHICAGO The survey's results appear to reveal the lack of confidence voters have in the two-term governor. Blagojevich is the most unpopular chief executive in Illinois since Chicago Tribune polling began.

"He has failed to build any kind of a consensus," said Mark Golembiowski, Illinois voter.

According to the Tribune poll released Thursday, not only has Blagojevich lost ground with his own political party but also with one of his strongest areas of support -- the African-American community.

"It's kind of like a mixed bag. Sometimes he does things that seem OK. Then sometimes it's kind of crazy," said Derrick Bobo, Illinois voter.

The poll questioned about 500 registered voters and showed a mere 10 percent want Blagojevich to run for re-election and 75 percent don't. The survey also showed that while only 13 percent approve of the governor's job performance; 71 percent says he's doing a bad job. That rate is 5 percentage points lower than President George W. Bush's approval rate -- although Bush's disapproval rate is still higher.

"His erratic behavior in triangulating from all sides has suddenly triangulated himself right out of business," said Don Rose, Democratic political analyst.

While some experts say the poll reveals the polarizing effect Blagojevich could have in this election year, some voters say their dissatisfaction with the governor comes from campaign promises they say he made but never kept.

"I'm very concerned about his contacts with big business and some people that are not maybe on the right side of the law," said Mary Karmeier, Illinois voter.

Political scandal continues to swirl around the Blagojevich administration.

Just this week federal investigators subpoenaed records involving a lobbyist friend who represented a hospital company that won a favorable state ruling.

"He is overwhelmed, I guess, " said Don Richter, Illinois voter.

Blagojevich may realize his position. He has been elected not to help out other Democratic candidates with campaign cash and an ad sponsored by the DNC's congressional campaign committee is critical of Marty Ozinga for donating to Blagojevich's campaign is already running.

At a lunchtime debate on the North Side on whether to have a state constitutional convention, the lieutenant governor - a big proponent of recall for state office holders - says it's time for Governor Blagojevich to do some soul-searching

"Life is team play, you have to work with your neighbors, friends and teammates, and if you don't do that, you usually get bad results," said Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn.

With such low numbers, Blagojevich can expect competition for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2010. Likely to oppose his reelection will be State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and State Comptroller Dan Hynes, along with the state's number two official.

"Well, I am lieutenant governor, I think I know the job of governor, that is part of the job definition of lt. Governor - I think I can do that job," said Quinn.

ABC7 sought reaction from all the possible contenders mentioned, and only Hynes said he'll talk about the nomination only after helping Barack Obama in the presidential race. Calls to the governor's campaign office were not returned.

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