NU students accused of inappropriate behavior at museum party

EVANSTON A small group of students reportedly displayed some inappropriate behavior at the gathering last month.

ABC7 asked nearly 50 students on the Evanston campus about published resorts of students at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management allegedly getting drunk and vomiting at the Field Museum party Sept. 26.

"People who were dancing were on the floor. People on the balcony were just talking. It was a good mingling session. There wasn't anything like at the party," said one attendee.

"It was in a museum. It was as wild as a party could be at a museum," said another attendee.

Two graduate students who did not want their names mentioned laughed at newspaper reports that some students were reportedly throwing things at Sue, the tyrannosaurus rex.

"What's the big deal? Some people might have been under out of it," said one student.

The Field Museum said it was their policy not to comment on clients who rent museum space. Many of the students said they were unaware of the party gone wild. A campus newspaper employee said they had not covered it in the university newspaper. One student says drinking is a problem on campus .

"It kind of surprises me that Northwestern students would act like this. On the other hand, people do crazy things when they're drunk and it does happen a lot on the campus," said Madlyn Wright, Northwestern student.

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