County election tally briefly stalls

CHICAGO Sequoia Voting Systems representative Ed Smith tells the ABC7 I-Team that 95 percent of the vote transmissions were in but that the system stopped translating the data into readable results. A team of technicians is working on the problem. It is not known whether the issue was caused by software or hardware problems, according to Smith.

The problem was later fixed.

For the first time, there was not a surge of voting in the early evening on an election day. James Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections says it is probably due to the rally.

"People either wanted to get to the rally or get out of town," he said.

The city has also fired a fifth election judge. A 50th Ward election judge told the board of elections she did not believe in the touchscreen technology. Two city judges were arrested; one for impersonating a judge and another was recognized by a voter as the assailant in a battery. Two other judges were fired for intoxication and abusive behavior. Projections for turnout are now in the upper 70 percent.

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