Newspapers reprint historic edition

CHICAGO People are trying to track down copies of Chicago newspapers from the morning after President-Elect Obama's victory.

Editions sold out Wednesday. Some newsstands got new copies Thursday.

The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times printed 200,000 more copies than usual. The Daily-Herald printed 7,000 extra copies.

All three papers are selling re-prints online.

On Sunday, the Sun-Times plans a special 32-page color edition commemorating Obama's historic victory.

Presses around the country are working overtime in order to meet the demands for newspapers heralding Obama's presidential victory.

In Chicago, The Daily Herald will reprint the election section and sell it at newsstands as part of Friday's edition. They are printing a commemorative section that will be part of home delivery and newsstand editions this Sunday. So will The Chicago Sun-Times.

People waited in line for extra copies of Wednesday Sun-Times and The Tribune. The lines moved fast as people snatched up the sought after newspapers. Many are searching for keepsakes from the historic election.

Stacy Sherwood of Express Drop, an eBay store in Chicago, says the newspapers are in demand on eBay.

"They are selling for maybe $50-$70 for a complete paper," Sherwood said.

Sherwood says the last time they saw headline papers sell really well on eBay was on 9/11.

"This is different; it is a celebratory thing, and you have buttons, books and have a historical figure...anything associated with Obama is selling well on eBay."

Sherwood says she does not know how long the Obama frenzy will last, but she believes eBay will do well for quite some time with Obama memorabilia.

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