Clown visits hospitalized children

CHICAGO ABC7 caught up with Dunn at Provident Hospital, where Onion Head was visiting sick children.

Onionhead is the signature clown in the African-American owned Universoul Circus. Dunn has a passion for helping sick children. One child he visited was unresponsive until she met the clown.

"Right there I saw the healing power that clowning possessed. What it could do for someone...laughter and joy. It's so healing. I never realized that point of it until that moment," said Dunn.

The Universoul Circus visits 29 cities each year. Onionhead visits hospitalized children at each stop.

"Children come- often times they're looking to have their immunizations. They're not happy. They don't want to be here. He comes, he makes them smile. They see it as a fun place. Of course it adds a lovely bit of culture to our event today," said Dr. Gail Kates, pediatrician.

The black McDonalds Operators Association sponsors the circus in Chicago.

"It's a venue that's for families and really brings a lot of joy to kids and we at McDonalds we always want to support those organizations particularly in the African American community that supports kids," said Blanton Canady, McDonald's owner.

"I think my clowning is more healing for me than it is to the children of the people I come in touch with," said Dunn.

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