City offers parking ticket amnesty

CHICAGO The Chicago Department of Revenue announced the city's parking and red-light ticket amnesty program, which offers discounts on the penalty portion of tickets issued before January 1, 2007. The program is available from December 1, 2008, to February 14, 2009. They have to be paid in full to receive the special amnesty terms.

"Beginning today with this program, you will be able to save 50-percent, so with an original $50 fine and a penalty of $50 will be reduced from $100 to $75 with amnesty," said Bea Reyna-Hickey, director Dept. of Revenue.

Boot , tow and storage fees for vehicles no longer in the city's possession will be waived entirely; and previously incurred payment plan default fees will also be waived during the amnesty.

"There are a number of changes coming into play. One, we will continue to boot for three tickets of any age. We will also boot for two tickets that are over one year old. In addition to that, we will begin to assess collection charges," said Reyna-Hickey. "There are $42 million that are covered by this expanded booting. The booting on two tickets one year older or more and so we'll bring in a percentage of that."

The city believes this is an opportunity for motorists to pay their tickets in full and get a fifty-percent credit on penalties and set up a payment plan. Jaycee Wallace says he saved close to $1,300 on all of his tickets with the amnesty program

"$3,700. It got reduced down to $2,600," said Wallace.

"Tickets I do v they don't quality for the amnesty program. The tickets have to be before 2007. Please go out there," said Denise Hernton.

The city also announced the expansion of the Hardship Eligibility for the city's parking and red light ticket payment plan, which provides favorable payment terms to motorists.

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