Blagojevich at work one day after arrest

On his 52nd birthday, Gov. Rod Blagojevich was all work and no play on Wednesday. The governor left his home on Wednesday morning carrying a briefcase and once again ignoring reporters. His S.U.V. pulled into an underground garage at the Thompson Center, where he's been working in his office, meeting with staff to discuss the state budget.

One day after being charged with scheming to sell Pres.-Elect Obama's senate seat in return for kickbacks or a high-paying job, there is no word that he is even close to stepping down. But the chorus grows louder for it now including Pres.-Elect Obama. His spokesman said in a statement the president-elect agrees with Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and many others that, under the current circumstances, it is difficult for the governor to effectively do his job and serve the people of Illinois.

The man who would become governor if Blagojevich resigned repeated his calls for that on Wednesday.

"The public interest comes first and Gov. Blagojevich, I think, in his heart, knows that he has to resign. It's better for the public to have that than to go through the ordeal of impeachment. But that may happen if the governor doesn't step aside," said Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn.

Meanwhile, Illinois' senior and only senator, Dick Durbin, who on Tuesday said calling for resignation presumed guilty and didn't want to go that far, did go that far on Wednesday, sending the governor a letter.

"It is in the best interest of Illinois that you resign? The answer is obviously yes. I sent a letter today to the governor asking him to resign," said Durbin.

Top U.S. Senate Democrats also circulated a letter on Wednesday demanding Blagojevich resign and under no circumstances attempt to name a successor for Obama.

Also on Wednesday, the first of the governor's top aides, Deputy Governor Bob Greenlee, abandoned ship. No official reason was given. Technically the governor still has the power to appoint someone to that vacant seat, possibly even himself. But House Speaker Michael Madigan says he wants to call a session of the House hopefully as early as Monday to try to set a special election to fill that seat.

Early Wednesday evening, there were dozens of photographers and reporters inside the lobby of the Thompson Center, all hoping to hear something from the governor.

According to the governor's spokesperson, the governor remains upbeat and positive.

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