Busiest mailing, delivery days of the year

December 15, 2008 3:15:08 PM PST
Monday is expected to be the busiest day of the holiday season at the US Post Office.The post office will process about 960 million cards and letters, which is about twice the average daily volume, on Monday. That means Wednesday will more than likely be the busiest delivery day of the year.

In Chicago, the Cardiss Collins Post Office expects to process close to two million cards, letters and packages on Monday. This post office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week -- and inside parking is available.

"If you're not on your way to the post office today, you still have time, but you need to hurry. You can mail up through Saturday using first class or priority mail and it will arrive in time for the holidays," said Mark Reynolds, U.S. Postal Service

"It's the busiest day of the year, but this is a wonderful gift that I'm sending for my daughter," said Marie Hobson

The busiest mail delivery day is not stopping some Chicagoans from getting to the post office and getting their Christmas cards and packages out on time.

"I was fortunate to come down here and find a parking place underneath. It's a great post office," Said Gyula Snyder

"I'm sending my Christmas presents to my nieces and nephews. We wrapped them last night, my wife and I, and boxed them up this morning, and came over. This machine is really great," said Sam Gersten

"came here to get a mailing permit for bulk mailings, and I started out at about a quarter to 9 this morning, and this is the third post office they sent me to," said Herb Kanter

Reynolds says you still have time to have your mail and packages delivered in time. For the United State's Postal Service's holiday schedule, visit usps.com

"Cards, letters, packages, whatever you're sending for the holiday season, there's still time to send it, but you should probably hurry up," said Reynolds.

UPS predicts its peak delivery day will be Wednesday and possibly Thursday. December 23rd is the last day to get your packages and mail out to be delivered by Christmas Day, according to UPS.

"Earlier is always better, but anything up until we can get it there, up until next Saturday, you can get it there, but it will cost a little more," said Paul Berry, UPS store owner.