Snow causes flight cancellations in Chicago

CHICAGO The cancellations were far fewer than Friday's 300.

The good news is that nearly all flights earlier Saturday and most that night were able to take off.

The terminal was a bit more crowded than usual, but after Friday's snowstorm caused waves of cancelled flights and delays, fliers were grateful to be leaving with fewer problems.

"Real quick, everything was great, real smooth, no waiting at all, ready to get on the plane," said George Tomes of Austin, Texas.

"It's really not that bad," said Gyon Harris of Buffalo, N.Y. "It's still early in the season, though. I can't imagine how it's gonna be in a couple of days."

"It's just a little chaos going on in the parking lots, that's all," laughed traveler Hiram Brizuela.

The happiest passengers were those heading for Florida, California, Texas or other states that are enjoying much warmer weather than ours.

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