Impeachment committee meets in Springfield

January 4, 2009 2:52:19 PM PST
The House committee looking into the impeachment of Governor Blagojevich met privately in Springfield Sunday.Republican Jim Durkin told ABC7 Chicago that committee members are going through a summary of the evidence they have so far to make sure everything is accurate. They will meet again Tuesday and could vote then to recommend Blagojevich's impeachment to the full House.

One piece of evidence the groups is waiting for are the recordings of the wiretaps that allegedly implicate Blagojevich of wrongdoing. There is a federal court hearing Monday in Chicago to determine if some of those tapes will be released.

Impeachment committee member Barbara Flynn-Currie says one matter of particular interest involves allegations the governor said he would sign a bill favorable to the horse racing industry, if representatives of that industry gave money to his campaign.

"If those tapes really do support that charge, then I'd say game over, that's it. Any governor who says I'm prepared to do a particular governmental deed to offer a favor in exchange for contributions to my campaign, that is someone who clearly is not fit to serve," she said.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich has denied any wrongdoing and has rejected calls for him to resign.