Square One Organic Purees for Babies

January 14, 2009 2:23:55 PM PST
Square One is a local company that makes organic, gluten-free, GMO-free baby food in a nut-free facility.Founder Denise Henderson says researching food became her mission after giving birth to twins in 2001. She shares her story below.

Square One's Story

(News Release) Starting your baby on solid foods can be a tricky step. The small portions they eat make it difficult to be sure that they are getting the nutrition they need. It's certainly a new experience that naturally leads to fresh questions and concerns. Square One makes the experience easy for both parent and child. Each Square One food was selected because it is nutritionally dense and possesses identifiable qualities that support healthy growth and development.

Not long ago, if someone had told me that by the time my kids were seven years old I would be running an organic food company, I would have thought they were crazy. But in June of 2008, after five years of hard work, that's precisely what I was doing. I am the founder and president of Square One Organics and my husband Jeff stands right beside me as the Vice President. As with most things in life, this is not as glamorous as it may sound. We spend our days running from store to store handing out samples, making deliveries and doing whatever needs to be done. It's been a wild ride, but our passion for nutrition fuels our commitment to go the extra mile for our children and yours - Square One Organics - this is our story.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2001 I gave birth to twins. Jed and Grace arrived early at just 34 weeks. My husband quickly realized "we are in so far over our heads!" He was never so right. Four days later, with great difficulty I went home without my newborn children. Fortunately, the little ones were not far behind. Grace came home first perfectly healthy. Jed stayed a total of 10 days and was released with apnea issues, as well as dairy and soy allergies. I was a first time mom with a baby with food allergies - I suddenly had a lot to learn about nutrition. My type A personality took over. I began gathering and organizing all the information I could find. Researching food became my mission.

I wanted to do everything I could for our twins. One area I knew I could control was their nutrition, so I began making my own baby food. This allowed me to know exactly what was and was not in their food. My approach was straightforward. First, I used only unblended foods so that any allergic reactions would be easy to pinpoint and broccoli would actually taste like broccoli. Second, I chose only foods that were nutritionally dense with an identifiable, positive impact on growth and development. Choosing these foods gave me peace of mind knowing that I was making the most of every meal. Third, I organized the food into four color coded groups and created an easy to follow food journal so my husband could get in on the feeding fun. The system worked! The twins were thriving. Taking the guesswork out of meal time allowed my husband and me to focus on what's most important - spending quality time with our kids.

On a play date, a mom saw the feeding system and expressed an interest in it. As we talked, she told me how overwhelmed she felt trying to manage her daughter's nutrition and how much she wanted an easy, streamlined approach to the feeding process that would ensure her daughter was getting the nutrition she needed. I realized other moms could benefit from the system I had developed and Square One was born.

Our twins are now seven. They both have remarkable eating habits and independently make healthy food choices. My husband and I are very happy we took the stand we did for our children's nutrition. This easy, smart food selection and preparation approach helped us give our children what they really wanted - time with Mom and Dad. We hope you too share our passion and commitment to nutrition. Welcome to Square One? where we hope you "get what you need."

For more information about Square One Organics visit squareoneorganics.com