Chicago launches new tourism Web site

January 14, 2009 3:50:34 PM PST
Chicago is launching a new Web site to promote tourism. City officials hope President-elect Obama and his ties to Chicago are a big attraction for visitors who want to know more about our nation's first African American president.

Barack Obama's the star attraction on the city's new tourism Web site,, and in some of the marketing campaigns in the battle for tourist dollars in the face of a brutal economy.

The Four Seasons Hotel is featuring a presidential retreat package that includes complimentary dvds of presidential movies in the rooms.

And the chain that owns the Allegro is offering $44 discounts in honor of the 44th president along with a pricey 'Obama-rama package' that includes a bit of everything Obama starting at $379 a night.

"It's a little bit of a fancy package. You know, it's not an inexpensive thing. You get to dine at a fancy restaurant. That's a little bit of fantasy," said Duncan Clements, Kimpton Hotel Chain.

The Berghoff restaurant is celebrating inauguration week with a menu that includes 'brat Obamas' and 'change ale.'

And at all three Harry Caray's, they're recreating a lunch menu from Lincoln's first inauguration, including mock turtle soup and corned beef and cabbage.

Mayor Daley says that every city tries to cash in on its most famous residents even though we may not see much of Barack Obama after the inauguration.

"That is his official home, the White House. He's not there yet so let's not start calling him back as quickly as possible," said Mayor Daley.

Barack Obama may be the star of the city's new Web site whether he's in Chicago or Washington, D.C. But the site itself is a pretty cool piece of interactive work with guides to neighborhoods and cultural venues and winter fun and games. That Includes a Snow Days Festival in February.