Lake Co. displays drugs netted in busts

January 26, 2009 2:22:30 PM PST
In Lake County, Ind., narcotics officers have made a series of sizeable drug busts in recent days.On Monday, the Lake County Sheriff's Office displayed what they've taken off the street.

In a traffic stop on I-65, the driver of a vehicle appeared nervous and jittery. Officers asked if they could see inside the vehicle's trunk where they found 20 pounds of marijuana.

That discovery then led to the search of an East Chicago home where they found another 25 pounds.

Officials say it was a critical link in an illegal distribution chain.

"Deputy Commander Martinez and Detective Stewart were able to determine that in fact the marijuana was transported here from Texas to a distribution point in East Chicago from which it was now being sent to Indianapolis," said Chief Marco Kuyachich, Lake Co. Sheriff's Office.

In a separate case, narcotics officers raided a home in Gary, Ind., where they recovered several assault weapons, as well as armor-piercing ammunition. They also discovered a hydroponic marijuana facility operating in the basement of the home, which is next door to a church and day care facility.