Might As Well Dance

Judson Laipply, motivational speaker and comedian
January 27, 2009 5:56:47 AM PST
Hundreds of millions of people have watched Judson Laipply dance through the ages in his video "The Evolution of Dance." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

Hundreds of thousands have heard his messages through keynotes, workshops, assemblies, or trainings. Now people can get even more with the publishing of Might As Well Dance, the first, in what will be many books from this charismatic, insightful, and humorous personality. Deemed an Inspirational Comedian? Judson speaks to a wide range of audiences every year and has been featured on and in countless media.

Might As Well Dance is a wonderful book as Laipply dispenses thoughts and ideas in an enjoyable reading experience. As a professional speaker, Judson uses humor and storytelling to get his audiences to laugh and think and Might As Well Dance reflects that style. A quick, enjoyable, and extremely easy read, Might As Well Dance will have you laughing, thinking, and of course - dancing.

About the Author

Since 2000, Inspirational Comedian? Judson Laipply has been educating and entertaining audiences all over the world. After earning his Masters degree from Bowling Green State University and his B.A. from Bluffton University Judson embarked on mission to make people laugh and think. Working full time with Certa-Pro Painters for the first two years Laipply slowly began to build a following while crafting his style and content. After moving to Cleveland in 2002 and going full time Judson has never looked back and currently averages over 100 shows a year. His shows are funny and reverent, inspiring and comical, casual and poignant, and audiences are left feeling energized and inspired.

In March of 2001, Judson performed for the first time in public a finale that would one-day take the world by storm. After mixing together 12 popular dance songs from the last 50 years Judson debuted "The Evolution of Dance" and it instantly became a crowd favorite. 5 years and 18 songs later, Laipply placed a video of the 30 song six-minute "The Evolution of Dance " on little know site called YouTube. No one could have predicted what followed. In the next few months the video became a viral sensation and was passed from email to email, posted in countless blogs, discussed on endless talk shows and podcasts, and the entire world watched as the video amassed over 70 millions views in under 8 months and helped propel YouTube to the status it has today. To date it is the single most watched video in the history of the Internet and has been viewed over 150 million times and is the single most popular video on YouTube. The popularity of the video lead to appearances on the Today Show, Ellen, Inside Edition, E!, Oprah, and hundreds of other media outlets around the world. He has been in 2 music videos, one for Bare Naked Ladies, and one for Weezer, performed at halftime of the NBA finals, and continues to bring laughter into the lives of all those who watch it.

Laipply continues to speak to a wide range of audiences across the globe and currently resides in Cleveland Ohio.