Daley: Teen cop incident 'unacceptable'

February 7, 2009 5:07:48 PM PST
A day after police Supt. Jody Weis was in the hot seat about the matter of a 14-year-old impersonating a police officer, Mayor Daley said anybody at fault in the matter must be disciplined.The incident happened January 24 at the 3rd District police station on the city's South Side. The boy-- who wore a police uniform without a badge-- patrolled for hours in a squad car with a real officer.

A report on how it all happened is due from investigators in two weeks.

The mayor calls the incident very serious.

"That questioned the integrity of the police department, public employees, and the taxpayers cost. If that individual would have injured somebody, killed somebody, an accident, you taxpayers would have been on the cost of paying for that. And that's unacceptable," Mayor Daley said.

Daley made the comments Saturday while speaking at a North Side chemical and computer recycling facility that has collected and safely disposed of more than a million pounds of household hazardous waste, old computers, cell phones, and other items since it opened in 2006.