February 8, 2009: Congressman Daniel Lipinski

February 9, 2009 9:17:47 AM PST
Our guest is a Chicago Democratic Congressman, Daniel Lipinski. In 2005 he succeeded his father, Bill, who retired after serving in Congress for 22 years. Dan Lipinski is a sponsor, with Illinois Republican Cong. Donald Manzullo, of the so-called Buy American provision of the economic stimulus program. It requires American-made steel, iron and other materials to be used in projects funded by the stimulus bill. The provision is controversial, with opponents charging it may spark a trade war, while defenders insisting it's needed to keep thousands of American workers employed in struggling industries.

We'll discuss other issues as well, including his sponsorship of a $286 billion dollar transportation bill which requires states to provide matching funds to obtain some of the federal money. Will financially hard-pressed Illinois be able to come up with the money, and what happens if it doesn't?

Lipinski has also sponsored legislation with another Illinois Republican Congressman, Mark Kirk, to try to protect the Great Lakes from water pollution.