Sheriff announces top 10 most wanted gang members

February 9, 2009 2:54:09 PM PST
Lake County sheriff Mark Curran is taking on gang crime.On Monday, he announced his list of the top 10 most wanted gang members. Since last year's list was unveiled, officers have captured 17 suspects.

Officials say gangs are on the rise and many are moving into the suburbs.

An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms described what happens as more gangs move into a community.

"Initially there's not a lot of violence because they don't have turf really to protect yet or turf to enforce. It's when the gangs start to encroach on each other and multiply in size they start to run into each other and they start to have border disputes and that's when the violence tends to pickup," said Andy Traver, ATF.

Traver says the large number of gang members in the city and the large police department drive many gangs to the suburbs.