Hot New Electronic Gadgets

February 11, 2009 New trends from the 2009 CES include 3D HDTV, green technologies, Internet TV and digital entertainment. Techno Dad Mike Ferrara checked out the show and he's brought back some of his favorite electronic gadgets.
    Matias Folding Keyboard
  • Great for traveling with your laptop
  • Bluetooth, full-sized keys with good tactile feel
  • $60 Visit:
    Griffin AirCurve amplifier for iPhone
  • Acoustically amplified built in iPhone speaker
  • No electricity needed
  • $20 Visit:
    Yada Clip-over rearview mirror
  • Turns your rearview mirror into a hands-free speakerphone
  • Caller ID appears on the mirror, no tools installation
  • $180 Visit:
    BookEndz laptop docking station
  • Turns your MacBook into a desktop
  • Eliminates having to plug in all your accessories
  • $300 Visit:
    Newer Technology NuCube
  • Clear acrylic stand for the Mac Mini computer
  • Saves desktop space, Mini runs cooler
  • $50 Visit:
    Shure USB microphones and Sound Isolating earphones
    Great for recording podcasts on your computer
    Pro-quality earphones for MP3 players and mobile phones
    From Chicago-based Shure, high quality
    $99 to $249 Visit:
    Optoma pico pocket projector
  • Personal projector weighs 4 oz.
  • Great for sharing images from phones and iPods
  • $400 Visit:
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