"Max Goes to Jupiter"

February 13, 2009 10:17:21 AM PST
Children love to learn about the moon and the stars. And that pleases parents, who may not be scientists, but who would like to encourage their children to get excited about astronomy and physics and similar topics. Renowned Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett has discovered the perfect formula. It starts with a loveable dog named Max who travels around the solar system. Bennett has just released his third book in the award-winning Max Science Adventure Series that show children the wonders of space. The books are illustrated by Michael Carroll. In Max Goes to Jupiter, the 100-pound Rottweiler Max and his friends set out to journey Jupiter, leaping beyond the realm of the inner solar system on a visit to explore the giant planet and its wondrous moons. Instead of the traditional space ship and rocket, Max travels to Jupiter by a space elevator. As in his previous books, Bennett combines science lessons with the adventures of the dog and his human friends. Each page of the book includes a story section and a sidebar that goes into detail on various topics related to space, science, and history. Some topics include Galileo, Jupiter's Moons and its surface, the use of a space elevator, gravity, and volcanoes. In his other adventures, Max has travelled to Mars and the Moon

Bennett has a doctorate in astrophysics and has written leading college textbooks in math and science. However, his passion is inspiring children. He encourages them to learn about space at an early age and does it in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Max often accompanies Bennett when he reads his books at libraries and schools. In addition to his Max series, Bennett recently released a book for the older crowd, Beyond UFOs, which explores the startling discoveries currently being made about life on other planets and what this means for our future.

Artist Michael Carroll is an internationally known space artist whose works have been featured in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in magazines such as Time, Smithsonian, and National Geographic on television shows including Nova and Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. He has exhibited at the National Air and Space Museum and Moscow's Institute for Space Research, and one of his paintings orbited Earth aboard the Russian MIR space station.

For more information, visit his website www.jeffreybennett.com.