Murder suspect had court record

Yang sued Excalibur for sexual harassment
March 5, 2009 2:54:53 PM PST
The woman accused in the murder of Shaun Gayle's girlfriend is no stranger to the court system. Marni Yang, 41, allegedly killed Rhoni Reuter, 42, who was pregnant with Gayle's child.

Yang has a civil court record that includes a divorce, orders of protection and a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against a popular Chicago night club.

Before her arrest on March 3, Yang used a number of websites to sell herself professionally, as well as personally. She is on the professional site Linked-In, where she calls herself an aggressive, sophisticated and knowledgeable real estate agent. On the dating website Fitness Singles, Yang said she loves adventure and has a great sense of humor as well as classic beauty.

Now, the 41-year-old is making headlines online for the murder Reuter. The motive, according to Lake County State's Attorney Michael Waller, was jealousy.

" ," said Waller on Wednesday.

Police said Yang was jealous of Reuters's relationship with former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle, with whom she was having a child. Yang is the mother of three children. She was divorced in 1997. Her attorney told ABC7 there was nothing unusual about Yang's divorce from Ten Yang. However, court records show a year later, Yang obtained a court order of protection against a man who took out one against her a month later.

In 2002, Yang sought another order of protection against a different man.

While Yang worked as a real estate agent, she moonlit as a 'shot girl' at the popular Excalibur Night Club in Chicago's River North neighborhood.

Court records show she filed a sex discrimination case against the club in 2001. The complaint was denied by the EEOC. Yang then filed a federal lawsuit against Excalibur, alleging sexual harassment. The case was later dismissed by a federal judge.

Gayle has said he knows Yang because she is a real estate agent. Her office is listed in Skokie, but the address is a residential two-flat. According to Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Yang had a handful of listings, many of which are on the city's South Side.