Lost dog pushes luck to the Max

March 9, 2009 3:37:49 PM PDT
A puggle named Max got himself into a bit of a pickle for 11 cold, snowy days.What exactly is a puggle? It's a dog that's half pug and half beagle. And, in Max's case, this puggle is a very lucky dog.

Lina Tucker lives in far north suburban River Woods. She loves to walk Max near a golf course. Max loves the walk, too, and mostly stays close to his master. But on February 21, he broke of course and gave in to the call of the wild.

"He decided to run off. So I chased him and I can't find him. He's gone. And so the entire neighborhood ... and friends, family, everyone ... started looking for Max. Calling out his name," said Tucker.

But with no luck. Max was in serious trouble- and no one knew it. Neighbor Marjorie Mead was in her kitchen when she heard a whining dog.

"I hear what could be a dog outside. I knew there was one missing in the neighborhood so I stepped out the garage door ... called for him ... he didn't come in. And a day and a half later we went on vacation," said Mead.

"The firemen and policemen were saying that they thought he had been eaten by coyotes. I mean, you got to be realistic. He had been gone a week and he's in coyote country," said Tucker.

Mead and her husband were gone for a week. When they got back, they heard the whining again. This time, she found Max. He was just outside the kitchen window- in a five-foot deep window well. Max had fallen in- and was trapped for 11 days.

"Sure enough there he was and he was fine. Happy to see me," said Mead.

"We couldn't understand it. How after eleven days of no food and no water that he was so strong. Maybe he had been eating snow," said Tucker.

That's something only Max knows. And, he's not talking.