Railroad agrees to suburban 'quiet zones'

March 16, 2009 2:46:39 PM PDT
A new deal will create so-called "quiet zones" in three suburban communities affected by train noise. For years, loud train whistles and bells have been a nuisance for people living in Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn. U.S. Congressman Dan Lipinski met with mayors from those areas Monday. He announced that the Canadian National Railroad has agreed to make upgrades needed to create a quiet zone through the three suburbs.

"When these are all done the quality of life in these communities will be much better, because people will not have to listen to the sound of train horns blowing morning noon and night," said Lipinski.

Officials note that horn blowing at crossings is required by federal government for safety reasons. If a train crew sees a situation that warrants a horn signal they are still allowed to sound one.