What's New from America's Beauty Show

March 31, 2009 10:12:47 AM PDT
America's Beauty Show, the annual exhibition for salon professionals, premiered hundreds of new products in Chicago last weekend. These products will soon be available in local salons and shops. From anti-aging shampoo to the latest trends in spring nails, Michigan Avenue magazine's Editor in Chief Susanna Negovan has the scoop.1) Anti-Aging Shampoo Just as your skin texture changes with age, so does your hair. New products to combat dry and brittle hair for women aged 40+ include the new line by Joico: re:nu Age Defy, which restores elasticity; plus a breakthrough new serum helps eliminate 50% of grays after five months of applying it to the scalp. Shampoos and styling products, $22-24; renual serum (to combat gray hair) $75 for three-month supply; available at Ulta, ulta.com and other salons.

2) Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair Pureology guarantees hair color will last longer with the new Serious Colour Care line. A zero-sulfate shampoo with anti-fade complex and built-in sunscreens, the line launches this months at salons nationwide. Shampoo and conditioner, $27 each. Pureology.com.

3) Dry Shampoo (no washing!) Save the environment and don't wash hair every day ? instead, spray on dry shampoo allow you to take away oiliness and leave hair smelling fresh. Ulta tells us that Tigi's Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is one of the hottest new items at their stores (ulta.com). $18.95.

4) Keratin Hair Smoothing Curly-haired girls' alert: If you don't want to do Japanese or Brazilian straightening, try a new breed of "keratin" products that offer long-term removal of up to 80% of frizz and 50-70% of curl with no chemicals or formaldehyde. Results last 12-16 weeks. Hair Therapy at Mario Tricoci, $300 and up, TRICOCI.COM.

5) New for Nails Maybe because of recession-depression, dark, vampy nails are trending out; new for spring are the happiest colors we've seen in years, like poppy red and royal blue. The best-selling color right now at Ulta is OPI's Party in My Cabana, part of their South Beach collection, which is a vibrant pink. OPI and Essie nail colors, $9 at ulta.com.

6) Skin Savers CreateFirm is a new skin-tightening serum from Bioelements featuring Aquamide-5, a Bioelements exclusive ingredient innovation. The components of Aquamide-5 (purified microalgae plus five skin identical cermaides) weave in and around the epi-layers of skin, reinforcing its protective barrier, amplifying hydration and boosting collagen density. $59, available at bioelements.com and dozens of area salons including the East Bank Club, 500 N. Kingsbury.

7) Easy, Breezy Smile Makeovers Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way - a new technology called "Lumineers" involves placing contact-lens thin porcelain veneers over existing teeth (without shaving them down). Dr. Peter Harnois, the country's top Lumineers doc, is based in Chicago and just premiered Lumitray, a new system that uses a computer program to place multiple Lumineers on at once. Quick, painless and much less expensive than other treatments (starting at about $600 per tooth). www.yourlifesmiles.com.

8) Do-it-Yourself Hair "Threading" Want to save money on waxing? Low-cost, do-it-yourself hair threading is now available at home with the new Twist-n-roll Tweezers by Lindo. $12.99, amazon.com.

9) Keratin Products for Home Use
To keep keratin-treated hair smooth between salon visits, Rusk introduced a new line called Pro Elements with keratin. Shampoo and conditioner, $12.95 each. Available at Ulta and Trade Secret nationwide.

10) Tired Eyes
We're all getting less sleep, and eye creams are more popular than ever. Look for products with peptides, which fight free radicals and promote skin repair. Repechage introduced a new product called Opti-Firm Eye Contour, $59, for mature and sun-damaged skin that reduces wrinkles by 23 percent within 30 days. Available at salons and repechage.com.