Duck Confit Crostini

April 21, 2009 1 leg of Duck Confit (store purchased)
3oz Shallot Confit or caramelized shallots
¼ lb. Tellagio Cheese
½ Red Hen Rosemary Baguette (1/4 inch slices, toasted)
½ cup Monini roasted garlic oil
½ oz Chopped fresh Tarragon
Truffle salt
Morton & Basset Black Pepper

Place sliced baguette on Sheet tray and drizzle with the oil and season with black pepper

Bake in a pre-heated oven on 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes or until slightly golden brown around the edges

Place a small amount of the Tellagio cheese on the baguette

Then place a small amount of duck

Followed by a small amount of onion on top

Next garnish the Crostini's with chopped tarragon, sprinkle with truffle salt and enjoy

*For this dish you can substitute store purchased Chicken Confit

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