Eco Squad creates energy-wise calendar

April 28, 2009 (GARY, Ind.) The group, which calls themselves the Eco Squad, created a calendar that offers people everyday advice on going green.

The students attend Roosevelt High School in Gary, Ind. French teacher Edna Crittenden Gregory sponsors the project.

"What we did was I assigned the kids different topics to find tips on and I also found about 200 tips," said Crittenden-Gregory.

"It's changed my life. It makes me think about the things that I've done and the energy I've wasted… watching TV and how global warming is," said Shannon Hollingsworth, Eco Squad member.

The BP Energy Company funded the calendar, which offers an energy saving tip for every one of the 365 days of the year.

"It was just amazing to me because what I was doing. I was wasting so much. I had to stop," said Leon Love, Eco Squad member.

"Now instead of using light so much we open the windows and blinds and curtains and try to follow everything that's said in the book," said Tierra Stegall, Eco Squad member.

"Only at school are we supposed to be learning. It's not cool to leave the house with the lights still burning," said D'Andre Baker, Eco Squad member.

The suggestion in the calendar that purified tap water might be better than buying bottled water one because of the cost and two because it takes 700 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in a land fill.

Charlotte Wright is the principal of Roosevelt High School.

"They've changed the way staff here at Roosevelt High School looks at energy and the way we handle our every day use of energy. I have made some changes in my own home as a result of that calendar," said Charlotte Wright, Roosevelt principal.

"I feel wonderful because my children are going to change the world and that makes me feel good," said Crittenden-Gregory.

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