Gov. commutes woman's life sentence

May 2, 2009 3:30:59 PM PDT
Governor Quinn has commuted the life sentence of a suburban woman who killed her two children while apparently suffering postpartum depression.Debra Lynn Gindorf was found guilty but mentally ill for killing her 23-month-old daughter and 3-month-old son. They had overdoses of sleeping medication, and their bodies were found in her apartment in north suburban Zion in 1985. Gindorf tried to commit suicide.

Quinn commuted her sentence to 48 years.

Gindorf's attorney says she is eligible for parole now because she has served 24 years and earned a one-day sentence reduction for every day she obeyed prison rules.

The postpartum defense was not raised at Gindorf's trial, but experts say she likely had postpartum psychosis.