Group feeds children around world

May 19, 2009 (AURORA, Ill.) They prepare food packets for the "Feed My Starving Children" program, an organization that brings life-saving nourishment to children in dozens of countries. The volunteers are finding they really enjoy the time they spend together.

"Feed My Starving Children is a Christian, non profit that was founded in 1987 in Minneapolis by a businessman and it's been going on there ever since and we came to Chicago in 2007," said Allan Loeb, site supervisor.

The packets are filled with a powder containing 20 vitamins and minerals. It provides six meals when water is added.

"I've seen the kids who don't eat and their hair is getting tinted orange because of mal nutrition and I've seen the kids in line getting this nourishment and its making a huge difference it really is," said Bill Clancy, volunteer.

Food prepared by the organization is being distributed to under nourished kids in 60 countries.

"I feel that my time and my money goes best to this group better than any other organization that I know because they reach out and feed so many children. It's amazing," said Julie Glanville.

The food packing operation involves 1500 volunteers who in four shifts on weekdays Monday through Friday and five shifts on Saturdays.

Team leader Nana Bosu Prah from Ghana had not seen his two daughters in 7 years. Recently they were reunited and they joined him as volunteers in the program.

"It's really good being here we are helping people...we are saving lives because people are dying hungry," said Thelma Esther Prah.

Operating in Aurora for only a year and a half the organization has attracted a large number of volunteers. One of them is 8 year old M.J. Stavola.

"Well I like to help people and that are hungry," said Stavola. "I really like to pack food because it's really fun to do."

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