Police investigate man's disappearance

June 11, 2009 Stephen Flood went missing last Thursday while on a business trip in Indiana.

His disappearance occurred one day after Flood's wife reported a break in and an attack in their home.

Flood's wife, 45, is talking to investigators but has not spoken publicly about her husband's disappearance.

What has happened to Stephen Flood? The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the 46-year-old Bolingbrook father of four deepens by the day.

Racecar builder Paul Wallen rents a small warehouse just a couple doors down from Flood's scrap metal business in Joliet.

"He never gave me the impression of any kind of trouble or anything. Like I said, he was all smiles when he was here, helpful," said Paul Wallen, business owner.

Flood has not been heard from in a week.

June 3 began as a pretty typical day for Flood. Police say he left his Bolingbrook home around 8:00 a.m. Flood drove to his Joliet business parked his car and took his pick up trip for a routine business trip to Indiana where he was going to buy catalytic converters for his scrap metal business called Strategic Refineries.

"He was going to drop off his car and take off with the truck," said Wallen.

Flood was last seen on surveillance video checking into a Hampton Inn in Edinburgh, Indiana, which is about 30 miles south of Indianapolis. There is not surveillance video of Flood leaving the hotel.

Police say flood told his wife of 15 years that he would be home the next evening to take one of their kids to a baseball game. But he never came home. After he was reported missing, police searched his hotel room. The TV was on, Flood's clothes, lap top and cell phone were all inside, but Flood, his wallet and his pick up truck were gone.

Because the scrap metal business is does in cash police say Flood usually carried with him between $10,000 to $50,000 in cash.

And in a strange twist, the night before flood was due home, his wife told police an intruder came into their Bolingbrook home just before midnight and hit her on the head with what she believed to be a rock. The person fled.

The Flood family is not talking.

Paul Wallen can't make sense of the mystery.

"It's extremely freaky, considering I saw him on the 28th and now he's gone," said Wallen.

Police continue to investigate the possible connection between the intruder and flood's disappearance. Flood is very much involved in his community. He's a member of the Knights of Columbus and an assistant coach in his children's school.

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