Providing for your pet in 'ruff' times

July 12, 2009 (CHICAGO) The economy is in bad shape and may be for years. Whether it's the stock market falling or crazy bailouts, saving money in tough economic times is a challenge. Pet owners also feel the stress of trying to make ends meet and many may be tempted to take shortcuts with their pet's healthcare. So, when and where can pet owners cut back?

Studies have repeatedly shown that a large majority of pet owners consider their pets as a family member. We spoil them with birthday parties, presents, and all manner of toys and treats to keep them happy. However, when money is tight, what can you do to still treat that favorite four-legged member of the family? Dr. Tony Kremer recommends these products to keep your pet healthy and reduce vet bills in this tough economy.

Here are some common summer problems for pets and some great solutions.

1. Each summer, many pets presents for heat stroke due to lack of water while outside in the heat.

Solution: Cool Pooch water bottle for exercising with your pet/ enjoying the outdoors One bottle, two separate water supplies, no backwash and no leakage! Also dish washer safe!!!

2. Dogs and cats present to veterinarians for skin and ear infections and external parasites due to improper grooming.

Solution: The Furminator -- a unique tool for de-shedding pets. All of our groomers use them. Decrease grooming related skin problems and have less hair around the house.

3. Many dogs present to the veterinarian with joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease due to obesity.

Solution: Chuck it! -- Tennis Ball Launcher. Keep your pet in shape without throwing your arm out. It is fun and allows you to throw a tennis ball or mini tennis ball many times further due to its design.

4. It is a sad fact that many pets are hit by cars each year at night. Many are killed and many have major surgery to mend their broken bones at the veterinarian.

Solution: Pet Blinkers -- This may save your dog's life. Keep track of your dog while out in the dark. Attaches to collar.

5. Each year, many pets and people are infected with internal parasites due to exposure to animal feces.

Solution: Bags on Board -- refillable dispenser that houses a roll of 15 large biodegradable doggie clean-up bags. Attach to your leash and it is always handy.

Dr. Tony Kremer owns 5 veterinary hospitals in the Chicagoland area and is the founder of Help Save Pets, an animal shelter that found homes for over 1000 pets in 2008. He is also a member of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Public Education Committee. For More Information check out

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