FitDelicious: Lose the Pounds, Not the Taste

July 27, 2009 It's quite an accomplishment for a woman who is a food consultant. Marcia has created a cookbook and fitness plan for women like her, who want to take control of their health and lose the pounds without losing great food experiences. Marcia says her FitDelicious plan is a hands-on healthy eating system to help you lose weight, keep it off, and be the gatekeeper of your health.

"More than just another recipe book or diet guide, it's a complete handbook for a lifetime of eating well that features Food Intelligence Tools-- Fit tips, charts, activities, worksheets – and hundreds of delicious recipes designed to let you take control of your weight effortlessly," Marcia says.

It was created with the dedication, passion, and persistence by Marcia, a 30 year food industry insider who knows all the tricks and tools of the trade. It's now available online at Putting her food expertise and talented taste buds to work, she combined that successful weight loss experience with over 15,000 hours of research and years of product development to produce FitDelicious. The easy-to-read guide to healthier living is three books in one: 12 Fit chapters, over 250 quick-and-easy recipes, and hundreds of nutrient data charts.

Among Marcia's favorite recipes are those you grill on your stovetop. She's says you can make these delicious, healthy meals in minutes:

About the Author

Marcia Schurer, food professional and self-proclaimed "foodie" is the owner and president of Culinary Connections, an international food consulting company.

Dr. Schurer is a recognized expert in the fresh prepared convenience and take-out foods arena, including natural, organic, healthy, ethnic, and specialty food products. Shehas more than 30 years experience in the food industry as a consultant, educator, seminar leader, author and speaker. Dr. Schurer battled with her own weight, gaining 35 lbs over a five-year period in her late 40s and early 50s. At the age of 52, she made a commitment to take control of her health and lose the pounds without losing her passion for great food experiences. Six months later, she lost over 35 lbs. (20% of her total weight) and has maintained that weight loss for the past four years.

Putting her food expertise, weight loss experience and taste buds to work, along with 15,000+ hours of research and product development, she's produced a labor of love, FITDelicious™. She received her degrees from Pennsylvania State University (B.S. Human Development and Family Studies), Cornell University (MPS Hotel Administration), Boston University (Ed.D. Educational Media & Technology) and La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine (Certificât Advancé).

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