Chicago sets Groucho mask world record

Stranger records have been set
August 25, 2009 (CHICAGO) The city's Outdoor Film Festival teamed up with the Goodman Theatre for the promotion. It happened last month during the Grant Park screening of the Marx brothers classic "Duck Soup."

The Guinness world records judges say 4,436 "Grouchos" turned up for the event July 21. The previous record was just over 4,000, set in Missouri two years ago.

The Goodman is staging a revival of "Animal Crackers," based on the original Marx brothers Broadway hit and film classic.

That world record is a little unusual. But there are certainly much odder accomplishments recorded by Guinness.

For example, Italian Michele Santella owns the title of "Most Books Typed Backwards." Using a computer and four blank keyboards - and without looking at the screen - he has typed 67 books backwards. That's about three and a half million words.

Maharoof Decibels, from Dubai, has the record for the fastest game of "Operation" - 21.87 seconds.

And Michel Lotito of France holds the Guinness world record for "strangest diet." He has been eating metal and glass since 1959 - about two pounds a day. Doctors call his ability "unique." He says bananas and hard-boiled eggs make him sick.

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