50 years without a sick day

August 25, 2009 (WAUKEGAN, Ill.) Taylor hasn't missed a day of work in 50 years- even with his four hour roundtrip commute to Waukegan.

Taylor, 69, lives on the North Side of Chicago. He has worked at Peer Bearing for longer than the company's held that name.

"It's mind-blowing to see all those people there. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. You know, actually, I never thought I would be working anywhere for 50 years," said Taylor, who was honored at work on Tuesday.

Taylor is the company's quality control manager. He began when it was still called Archer Bearing in Chicago and is one of five employees. Now, the company has more than 1200 employees.

"We have a standard that we have to meet here, you know. And quality is what we are about," said Taylor.

"We have all these fancy equipment, all the equipment to test bearings. Hand Joe a piece, he puts it in his hand, spins the product and 99% he'll be accurate on what the problem is. We love him here," said Peer Bearing Vice President Glenn Spungen.

So does he ever want to retire?

"It hadn't crossed my mind," said Taylor.

His hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment are unsurpassed.

"Are you kidding? He never lets me off the hook. It's like life. What can I tell you?" said Larry Spungen, former Peer Bearing president.

"Treat people as people. Everybody is important to me, you know. You're important. I have to treat you with respect," said Taylor.

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