Latino lifestyle mag celebrates first birthday

September 24, 2009 (CHICAGO) There is a relatively new magazine in town called Cafe Latino Lifestyle Magazine. It is geared to the needs of educated, acculturated, English dominant Latinos. Cafe is bi-monthly and will be a year old in October.

"When you look at the English language media, there isn't much culturally relevant for the Latino mindset. So it was developed and born with that in mind," said Gina Santana, co-founder and managing editor.

The glossy layouts and covers of the magazine are sophisticated, enticing and visual, covering a variety of topics including saving money on cosmetic surgery to Latinas in Islam and the green movement to politics in Cuba.

"I want to see stories that look at the Latino experience from angles that are virtually ignored," said Alejandro Riera, editor, Cafe Magazine. "I want a certain wow element to it. I'm not saying fluff, I'm saying a wow element, like, wow, I didn't know that about this community, wow, I didn't know that about this story."

"It's passionate, it's colorful, it's savvy, it's thoughtful. These are the things that we try to anchor ourselves in when we're thinking about producing content is educating, inspiring and entertaining our Latino readers and audience," said Santana.

At a time when magazines are no longer surviving, after a year Café Magazine is not only surviving, but also, thriving.

In addition to the magazine, Cafe media founders Gina Santana and her husband Julian Posada have a Web site that has national presence, a newsletter and they are also involved in the event business.

Acculturated Latinos are the largest and fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. They are individuals who are fiercely proud of their heritage and more often than not communicate in English in both business and social circles.

The mission of Cafe Magazine is to cater to this group by offering culturally relevant content that meets the needs of English-dominant Latinos.

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