Suburbs also disappointed by loss

October 2, 2009 (Naperville, Ill.) Naperville was prepared to have their back -the bid rally, which did not happen. It changed into a community event, trying to show the spirit they say is representative of the Olympics, though Chicago will not now get the 2016 Games.

As a result, folks are disappointed but still trying to be optimistic about what brought them here in the first place, but still very disappointed by the fact that it just won't happen.

"We will be having fun down here, supporting. Still listening to who is the winning city and in the Olympic spirit supporting them. But we are disappointed and a little shocked, I have to say. But at the same time, we had some wonderful opportunities, wonderful people that we've got to work with over this process. There's always a little good in anything that you try to do," said Veronica Porter, Naperville Backs the Bid.

Naperville went all out, even composing a dance, coming up with a song in order to be supportive of Chicago 2016 bid for the Olympics.

All of that is now over. They're saying that they think Chicago should go after the Olympics again, but at the same time it was very disappointing.

With light rain falling, the mood remained somber. What was supposed to start around 11:00 a.m. lasted around 15 minutes, and most folks are leaving disappointed.

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