Crochet's comeback

October 12, 2009 (PRESS RELEASE) It's the latest fashion trend for fall and winter. You'll find crochet accessories in range of prices; what's in the stores this season has nothing to do with your grandmother, says fashion stylist Maria Berg Stark.

Little is known of the early history of crocheting, Stark explains. Some ancient cords are thought to have been made by finger crocheting. During the Renaissance, both peasant women and ladies of the court executed crochet work and also knotted work using several strands of thread, often producing lacelike fabrics.

Crocheting first became popular in Europe in the 1800s, and it remains a favorite technique for handcrafting fabric out of yarn, Stark adds. In contrast to knitting, crochet (French for "hook") is a method of working interlocking loops of thread into a chain by means of a slender rod hooked at one end. The work is begun by crocheting a single chain of loops, each new loop being formed by catching the yarn and drawing it through the previous loop. Descriptive stitch names include chain, single, double, treble, filet mesh, ribbed afghan, pineapple, popcorn, and slipper. (For more information, visit

Recent jewelry trends have also embraced crochet as a method for creating bold, uncommon textures in jewelry made from fiber or metal. "Crochet has evolved into an impactful fashion statement, taking an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary," says Stark.

Here are some crochet accessories that Stark says will be popular this fall:

Casa Brasil 249 Robert Parker Coffin Rd; Long Grove;
(847) 793-0013

(All the items from this retailer are handmade and from Brasil)

1. Two samples of Traditional Crochet (for the table);$12-$15

2. Handmade Crocheted hand bags made with recycled pop tops

  • Amelia; $65
  • Socorro; $105
  • Tonia (wristlet); $82

3. Crochet stitched tying ceramic beads together; $35

4. Crochet 18k filled cuff bracelet; $138

5. Texturized flower ring; $73

6. Delicate (big) Crochet Earrings with beads; $98

7. Silk flower necklace with Crochet wire; $69

8. Turquoise ring $29; bracelet; $49


1. Crochet tights

  • Spanx $42
  • Betsy Johnson in fun colors (blue, pink, grey) are made to layer over another color $20
  • Nordstrom black crochet tights $24

2. Sweaters/tunics(purple, grey and turquoise); $39

3. Looped Scarves; $48

A current trend and featured in Lucky Magazine recently, are the `looped scarves`, where the ends are joined together, so in a sense, the scarf become endless. These scarves are versatile and can be worn many ways; loosely around the neck like a necklace, looped twice to wrap closely around the neck, draped over the shoulders worn like a shawl or shrug, or wrapped once around the neck and over the head like a head scarf. The mesh-like stitch used in this design is slightly stretchy lengthwise and drapes beautifully around the body. These one loop scarves come in a variety of colors and are so much fun. Just throw on a t-shirt or tank and reach for a bit of neck flair.


1. Fun affordable Crochet scarves with fringe/cute with a coat or wear as accessories; $11

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