High school students design new golf course

October 20, 2009 (CHICAGO) The layout was designed by high school students who spent two years on the project.

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences celebrates the opening of its new par three golf course built by over 200 students. The brand new legacy golf course was a project that connects the classroom to careers in agriculture.

"This is an opportunity to use earth moving equipment, surveying equipment, teach team work, all the things associated with work and careers," said Robert Bush, Chicago H.S. for Agricultural Sciences.

"This has definitely made me consider doing something in the technical field," said Evan Hayes, agricultural sciences student.

"Vocational training at its best, when it's integrated with academics. The students...designed the course and built it," said William Hook, principal, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

The course took three years to plan and complete. It has three holes, each designed to be played in two different ways, allowing visitors to play a total of six holes.

"It's three physical holes but can be played clockwise or counterclockwise," said Hook.

"There is places for men and women to shoot and also there's place for our handicapped students to shoot," said Hayes.

The golf course is on five acres of what was wasted land with all sorts of junk on it and debris. It took the students and Dr. Bush to turn it around.

"We took time and effort so we can make it our golf course," said Mike Funk, alum, Chicago H.S. for Agricultural Sciences.

"We learned how to use the bobcat, level and ground, and what grass goes with a fairway and what grass goes with the green. All sort of kind of stuff. It's not just planting grass and letting it grow. It's a whole lot of different stuff," said Kevin Oliver, agriculture sciences student. "I am looking at architecture and maybe designing golf courses."

The legacy golf course is not only for the school but for everybody in the community. It is free to the public.

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