Police have video of shooting of Fenger student

December 31, 2009 7:59:34 PM PST
Chicago police are looking for the gunman who fatally shot a teenager outside a convenience store.It happened about 8:15 Wednesday night at 333 West 119th Street in the West Pullman neighborhood.

Fenger student Fred Couch, 16, was reportedly standing outside the store when someone walked up and shot him twice in the back.The gunman ran off and got into a grey vehicle that fled the scene.

Chicago police have surveillance video of Wednesday night's deadly shooting, but they say it doesn't appear it will help them identify the gunmen.

At a news conference Thursday night, police disclosed that the victim had had run-ins with law enforcement.

"We are reminded once again of the dangers of guns, gangs, and drugs, as well as the seriousness of youth violence. Mr. Couch had a history with gang and gun violence, including several weapons-related charges, and self-admitted gang affiliation," said Deputy Chief Dana Alexander, Area 2 Patrol Division.

Another Fenger student was shot Wednesday in a different incident but survived.

A crisis intervention team will be in the school Monday, when classes resume.