Man dies after apparent pit bull attack

January 18, 2010 3:19:17 PM PST
The death of a man mauled by as many as six pit bulls has been ruled an accident. That's the conclusion of the Cook County medical examiner following an autopsy on 56-year-old Johnny Wilson. Wilson's body was found Sunday night in his home at 102nd and Aberdeen.

Investigators say Wilson's daughter came home and found him lying on the living room floor covered in blood.

Wilson's sister says his daughter raised the dogs, even though she had two children, and was trying to sell them.

"She's got two kids in this house, and I don't feel that it was appropriate having those dogs here, under the conditions that they're living anyway, with those kids, and she's never here to maintain the dogs," said Ballarea Redding, victim's sister.

Four adult pit bulls and two puppies have been turned over to animal care and control.