Daley says he won't pressure Cohen to quit

February 6, 2010 8:56:11 PM PST
Chicago's Mayor Daley was both serious and jovial Saturday when asked about efforts to persuade the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor to withdraw. The mayor said he prefers that candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run together, like candidates for president and vice president. However, he stressed that wealthy pawnbroker Scott Lee Cohen cannot be forced from the ticket.

In 2005, Cohen was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to his ex-girlfriend's throat. The charge was dropped.

Saturday, Daley laughingly chided reporters for not disclosing Cohen's past before Tuesday's primary.

"So, why is it you, now all of a sudden, you're so concerned about it? You all knew about it," Daley said. "It changes now."

The mayor said he would be accused of being a boss or dictator if he tried to pressure a nominee chosen by voters to quit.