CTA makes plea to unions over service cuts

February 17, 2010 4:20:44 PM PST
The CTA is once again calling for its unions to make concessions over service cuts.CTA officials announced they have called union leaders about scheduling more talks.

The CTA has laid off 1,100 workers and cut service in the face of a $95 million deficit.

On Wednesday, the CTA called for two concessions from union employees. They want them to take up to 10 unpaid scheduled furlough days and they are asking union workers to skip pay raises this year.

CTA chairman Terry Peterson directed a plea to union leaders.

"The most important point to drive home would be local 241, Mr. Daryl Jefferson, and also 308, which is Mr. Bob Kelly with the rail, to come and sit down with us and have a meaningful dialogue about how do we restore services as well as put people back to work," said Peterson.

Peterson has agreed to meet with Reverend Jesse Jackson on Friday.

On Wednesday, Jackson claimed CTA drivers are being shifted away from the city's South Side where there are more people.