Children's Dental Health Month

February 18, 2010 1:41:22 PM PST
(News Release) Teaching your children how to brush and floss properly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure healthy habits later on down the road. Unfortunately, many parents don't know how to properly care for their child's teeth. Dr. Christopher Morin D.D.S, pediatric dentist at Manus Dental, has a few tips on how parents can teach their children the proper ways to brush and floss their teeth.

"As soon as your child's teeth come in, daily brushing and flossing are essential," says Dr. Morin. "There are hundreds of kids-friendly options that can make brushing and flossing more fun for your kids."

How long should a child brush for? Parents should encourage their children to brush for two to three minutes. A helpful hint is to put a timer by the toothbrushes or to have them listen to their favorite song while they're brushing their teeth.

How often should children brush their teeth? Brushing should happen more than once a day. It's especially important to brush right before bed. That eight hours that a child rests is the perfect time for bacteria and eating enamel acid to set in.

When should a child begin flossing?You should start flossing your child's teeth when two of their teeth are touching one another. When children reach the age of nine, they should be able to floss by themselves.

What's the best flossing technique? With a saw-like motion weave the floss in between each tooth to ensure that plaque and excess foods are removed from between the teeth.

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